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2018-2019 Laxachusetts Girls Program Tryouts



Welcome to the 2018-2019 Laxachusetts Girls Program Tryouts Registration.

Interested in trying out for our Laxachusetts Club Lacrosse Program?


All current players must register to tryout each year.  The tryout fee is $75.00 if you register before July 15, 2018.  On July 15, 2018, the tryout fee increases to $100.  The tryout fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please Note: This year we will be having two rounds of tryouts, OPEN and CALL BACKS.

All NEW players should attend at least one of our open tryouts.  If you are able to attend more than one tryout, we recommend that you do so to allow all of the coaches to observe you.  After the open tryouts we will invite a limited number of players to attend our call backs.

All RETURNING players should attend one or both of our call back tryouts.


Your grade for our purposes is the grade you will be entering in September 2018.  Classification of our athletes is determined by their Year of Graduation. 


Tuesday July 24th @ The Edge in Bedford, MA
3:00-4:30: 3rd (2028)/4th (2027)/5th (2026)/6th (2025)
4:30-6:00: 7th (2024)/8th (2023)
6:00-7:30: 9th (2022)/10th (2021)/11th (2020)


Wednesday, July 25th @ Union Point Weymouth, MA
5:00-6:30: 3rd (2028)/4th (2027)/5th (2026)/6th (2025)/7th (2024)
6:30-8:00: 8th (2023)/9th (2022)/10th (2021)/11th (2020)


Call Back Tryouts:

Sunday, August 12th @ Waltham High School
8:00-9:30: 3rd (2028)/4th (2027)/5th (2026)/6th (2025)
9:30-11:00: 7th (2024)/ 8th (2023)
11:00-12:30: 9th (2022)/10th (2021)/11th (2020)

Sunday, August 19th @ Union Point Weymouth, MA
8:00-10:00:  3rd (2028)/4th (2027)/5th (2026)/6th (2025)/7th (2024)
10:00-12:00: 8th (2023)/9th (2022)/10th (2021)/11th (2020)


*Our "North" practices will remain at The Edge Sportscenter in Bedford, MA.  Tryouts have been moved due to the resurfacing of fields.


If you need to become a US Lacrosse member, renew membership or look up your membership number, please register here:


Questions can be directed to:

Tracey Sullivan

Co-Director of Laxachusetts